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Meta-Health Analysis

Meta-Health is a comprehensive and holistic system of health understanding which recognises the biological intelligence and innate healing capacity of the body. 


Symptoms are viewed as biologically meaningful unconscious adaptive responses to traumatic life events or stress triggers. 

Meta-Health is an alternative awareness and coaching model which complements and supports orthodox medicine.  

The process of Meta-Health Analysis includes a structured exploration of the possible underlying causes and themes behind a particular health issue, disease or symptom. This can facilitate awareness and understanding of the unconscious beliefs, perceptions and emotional meaning that may be driving it, which can then inform and guide how to best support the body's natural healing process. In Meta-Health we are interested in the 'Soul-ution' to an issue and how the symptom may be assisting us to survive, grow and evolve.  

What to Expect from a Session

Meta-Health Analysis sessions are 75-minutes long at a cost of £90 per session. Before our first session I offer a free 10-minute telephone conversation to find out about the health issue or symptom you would like to work with, to answer any initial questions and to arrange the session. I work face-to-face from my practice room in St Albans and also online using FaceTime or Skype.


In the session we will explore the health issue or symptom according to the Meta-Health framework, to gain awareness of the underlying triggers, emotional themes, biological meaning and stage of the dis-ease process and discuss how best to support the healing process. Where you have several symptoms or health issues, we can examine these over a series of sessions or undertake a high-level analysis of the themes that may connect them in order to better understand what is keeping them running.


At the end of the session, I will suggest that we arrange a follow-up session in approximately two weeks time to review any further insights since the session and to create a holistic plan to support the healing process, addressing relevant goals from the categories of mind, body, spirit, social & environment. Sometimes the awareness gained from the session may be enough to facilitate the shifts required for healing. On other occasions, particularly for more complex or chronic issues, it can be helpful to arrange further sessions of Meta-Health Analysis or therapy sessions from the range of psychotherapy and energy therapies that I offer.

Background & Resources

The Meta-Health framework is based on the work of Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer, a medical doctor who developed a model of health understanding based on research in the fields of embryology and ontogenesis. His structured process and research is documented in his Scientific Chart of German New Medicine. I came across this model through the Meta Health Academy  in Solihull, UK where I completed my training and qualified as a Meta-Health Master Practitioner and Advanced Meta-Kinetics Practitioner.


These courses are externally accredited by Meta-Health International (MHI). Please note that this is not a medical training, but is a discipline of health awareness and understanding which works alongside orthodox medicine and which complements my skills and training as a psychotherapist.

I am a member of MHI and abide by their code of conduct. Please see the Meta-Health International website for information and resources about Meta-Health, including their online magazine 'Meta-Healthy Life'. I also recommend the book 'When the Body Says No: Exploring the Stress-Disease Connection' by Gabor Mate.

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